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DrPepperFacebook.pngBy B.L. Ochman
People who enter Dr. Pepper UK’s new status takeover Facebook game, “What’s the Worst that Could Happen?‘ contest are giving up more than their privacy. They are agreeing to be publicly embarrassed for the chance to win £1,000. The more embarrassed you’re prepared to be, the better your chances of winning over the game’s 10-week run.
The updates will be chosen at random from a bank of embarrassing options ranging from mild to extreme such as; ‘Lost my special blankie.’ to embarrassing; ‘What’s wrong with peeing in the shower? to the seriously embarrassing; ‘never heard of it described as “cute” before.’
The campaign will run across digital, TV, on-pack and sponsorship, and offers Facebook fans who enter the contest the opportunity to win £1,000 every week.
No clear connection to the Dr Pepper brand
Whether the game improves Dr Pepper’s brand recognition, or goes viral, remains to be seen. As does whether it sells soda, since the connection to the brand is not at all clear.
If you read this blog, you know I’m a big proponent of making marketing fun, but I also believe marketing should have a connection to the brand that will help increase name recognition, brand loyalty, and buzz. That is missing in this content, despite the fact that it’s hilarious.
The game is reminiscent of Japanese TV game shows where players endure humiliating and sometimes dangerous stunts for a chance to win cash, and fame.
The Japanese originals – now being reproduced on American TV – are known as batsu games, or punishment and humiliation games. They’re played for laughs, and it would probably take a shrink to explain what motivates people to volunteer to be humiliated.
Hat tip to @guyhaim