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By B.L. Ochman

Tonight’s the night! BBH, the agency for Mentos of Singapore (Mentos SG) wants you to get busy and make a baby.

Yes, that’s right, the mint that gained fame in the Coke and Mentos geyser experiment now wants “Only financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships” to get busy tonight and increase Singapore’s low birth rate by making a baby.

The message is not as surprising when you consider the source. Mentos SG hired Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s (BBH) London team for this campaign, in which the government of Singapore has no official hand.

BBH is no stranger to controversial attempts at viral campaigns. The agency’s Homeless Hotspots campaign at South By Southwest backfired, and this one may very well do the same.

Tell me, does this campaign make you want to go eat some Mentos? Somehow I doubt that. All in all, it’s another WTF moment for BBH.

But then again, you have to hand it to BBH. They do get people talking. Just not about their clients.