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Nonsense and Parodies Archives

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Sport of Endorsement Bombing gains traction on LinkedIn
“50 Shades of Chicken” You know you want it!
Google’s tribute to Trekkies
‘BIC for Her’ pen is lambasted as hundreds of women hijack Amazon reviews
Mentos “make a baby tonight” anthem: another weird campaign from BBH
Social Media Gurus in 2062
PETA: Leave Soy Milk and vegan cookies for Santa. Oy vey!
Google Doodles salutes Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday
Vegetable Technology: My Blackberry’s not working
Client-Vendor Relationships: real world business examples
Dilbert: New Social Media Manager’s First Day
David Pogue’s iPhone Song
Elf Yourself returns – but where are the rest of the fun holiday sites?
SNL iPhone Joke Takes Pot Shot at AT&T Network Woes
People of Walmart – a runaway hit Wal-mart can’t (& shouldn’t) stop
A Sci-Fi Marketing Nightmare for the Recession
Jon Stewart Shakes a Fist at Twitter
How to Convert Your TV to Digital – A Reality Check for Marketers
Iraq War Ends! Bush To Face High Treason Charge! NOT! (yet)
McCain-Obama Dance Off
Happy Halloween from the Endless Presidential Campaign
Holy Camoley! Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Celebrity Ad
BL Ochman for President
Book Marketing 2.0
A Blog That’s Scary on So Many Levels, Heh
Who Needs a Movie?
Move Over iPhone – Sumsing Turbo Xi3000 is Here
Is It Bubble Time Again in the Valleys?
New iPod Model – the EyePod
Friday Afternoon Funny – Trip to the Dentist
You Must Verify Your Identity Before Entering
President Bush Warns of Explosive New Threat
Report: Ahmadinejad Tasered at Columbia University
30 Years of Internet Milestones
Another First From Apple
Slow Moving PR Department Could Cause Whole Foods More Harm
What’s Your YouTube?
Solution for Presidential Campaign Anxiety Also Works for Apathy
Fake Celebrity Bloggers Having a Heyday Today
I Can Has Chezeburger – A Lesson for Marketers
Is No Comment The Right Response to User Created Campaign Videos?
Sporkk Sticks a Fork in A-List Bloggers and Web 2.0 Gibberish
Chocolate Jesus Sculpture Hiding in Undisclosed Location
The Apple iRack Launch
It’s National Gorilla Suit Day
Go Get Elfed
Social Media Marches Onward – Put on Your Headphones If You’re at Work
Cilantro Haters Unite in Anti-Cilantro Community
Is It OK to Use Social Network to Sell Products?
More New Google Tools You Must Have
The Ultimate Blog Post
“Where’s Waldo” Meets Silicon Valley
What Right Wingers See When They Read The NY Times
The Quote Whore – More Honest Than Many Publicists
Coke/Mentos Videos: An Important Lesson for Every Brand
Study: Chihuahuas Actually Are Rodents, Not Dogs
Winterfresh Gum Campaign: Funny, Weird and Pointless
Steve’s Outfit: Click Here to Sue
Bad Planning Lames Groundhog 202 Campaign
Gnomedex Announcement Confuses April 1 and Feb. 1
Jib Jab Joke Box Email Joke Repository in Invite-Only Beta
Burger King Has a Girlfriend, and a New Viral
Two Pennsylvania Groundhog Sites Compete for Tourists
Santas Are Podcasting and Blogging
Onion Spoof on Word of Mouth Marketing Hits the Sore Spot
A Photo Begging for a Caption
Sacraments Cereal, a Most Irreverent Meal
Google Launches Grotica, An Erotica Search Engine – Not!
David Pogue Pokes Fun at Podcasting and Explains Its Possibilities
Store Wars Latest Flash Activism From Free Range Studios
Spoof of Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. “Spicy Paris” Commercial Hits the Spot
Autoblogger: Get Started Not Blogging
Blink O Rama Blog Devoted to Blinks of the Famous
Huh? Is a Riotously Funny Send Up of Marketing Agency Websites
Crackers and Other Online Gates Parodies Turn Viral
Fake Pepsi Girl Blog….Yawn
B.L. Ochman Named Editor of Whatsnextenmesh, a Parallel Universe Blog
Satan for Bush — One of the Best Political Ads Yet
Arlo Guthrie Says Dad, Woody, Would Love Jib Jab’s “This Land Is Your Land” Parody
Fake Bill Clinton Blog Is a Hilarious Parody
“This Land” Cartoon Provides Equal Opportunity Offending and Laughs
Mysteriously, Marketing’s Missing for Marvel, Sony & Spite Your Face’s Spiderman Short

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