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HP_and_Sun.jpgSFGate Tech Chronicles tells the story of the Where’s Waldo meets Silicon Valley escapades of a series of life-sized plywood models of high-tech figures like David Packard and Bill Hewlett. As part of an art project, the statues were left along the side of various roads with notes pinned on telling their next destinaton. Before long, lots of people, companies, and bloggers got involved.
There’s now even a blog that tracks H&P’s travels through their GPS coordinates.
For some reason, HP didn’t want to participate in the escapades, refusing to display the sculptures in their lobby, so Sun jumped in to pay $6K to rescue them.
Could Eric Kintz, who’s supposed to be taking a break from blogging, be feeling just a little defensive in this post about the stunt?
Any minute now, you can expect Hewlett and Packard to show up on Second Life and MySpace.