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groundhog_202.jpgThere is simply no excuse for the Pennsylvania Tourism Board’s Groundhog 202 campaign to end with this message: “Due to overwhelming traffic the archived video of Phil’s prognostication is temporarily offline. Check back soon for the presentation.”
They blew it. Their servers crashed because of demand to download the video of Punxsutawney Phil pre-saging the weather. They spent the entire month of January promoting this site, and the entire campaign leads to the unavailable video.
Groundhog Day comes once a year guys! Nobody is coming back later.
Too bad, because the videos of the groundhog having cabin fever and trying to kill his shadow were weird but fun.
Bandwidth is dirt cheap, compared to the cost of the total campaign, especially for one freaking day. It is simply unprofessional and stupid for the Pennsylvania Tourism or its agency not to have planned correctly.