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bankingrocca.pngBank of America has enlisted comedian Mo Rocca to host a series of videos about banking. Do you want a comedian involved with your money? I don’t. I also don’t want sexual innuendo in my bank’s advertising. Or a lame pitch from their PR firm.
I want adults in suits to take my money seriously. They should be polite and friendly, but they sure don’t need to be funny. I want my bank open late and on weekends, and I want free checking and quick access to my deposits. Dog biscuits for Benny Bix are a nice touch too, but skip the clowns and comedians.
In the rush to join social media marketing, Bank of America is far from the only company to miss the mark. The key is to think about what your customers want from you, and give it to them. You don’t need a comedian to make your message entertaining or engaging. Dear Bank of America: While I’m a big proponent of using humor in marketing, there are situations where it’s appropriate. Banking is one of them. Unless you’re giving away money.
Your marketing needs a master plan on how to engage customers on a strategic level. Think about: What are they interested in? What needs do they have? What service can you perform for them? How can you build a relationship with them?
And skip the lame email pitch to bloggers:

And, with his unique wit and sly humor, Mo makes sure that this is not like any financial inquiry you’ve ever seen!
Not just interested in the personal banking habits of those he speaks to, the friendly comedian also brings everyday life into the conversation. He hits the streets to ask people what they do when they run out of the one thing they need or how quickly they are alerted if something unexpected happens. After all, when else would you hear Mo Rocca ask “What do you use for protection?”
With questions like these, the series of web videos makes sure that you remember exactly what it means when a bank teller asks you if you are signed up for “overdraft protection” and “mobile alerts”.