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Madison Avenue, and the corporations that funded the obscenely expensive ads on the Super Bowl blew it. They wouldn’t get the value of social media if it came up and bit them on the ass.
Every single $2.6 million 30 second ad that ran on the Super Bowl will fade from memory in under 24 hours – and every single one missed an opportunity to engage millions of people online.
The agencies choked last night. Where is the interactivity? Where is the viral element? Where’s the integration with blog advertising? The agencies have made the ads available online. BFD. Wake me when you get a clue Madison Avenue. If you live.
Adapt or Die
Message control is an illusion. Ask the music business. Ask big media. Ask PR firms who still don’t understand why nobody is listening.
The biggest Super Bowl ad disappointment is Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s Burger King Whopperettes ad. This is the agency that created the Subservient Chicken. That was, perhaps, the most successful viral advertising campaign ever run, and it is sad that Porter can’t hit a second home run by finding a meaningful way to integrate the Internet into their campaign.
Down with the King already
At least Porter tried to make something more of the ad, l but the effort is lame. Why? Because it’s all about the commercial and there’s no interaction. Why not ask consumers “What did you think about it? What story-line would you give it now?”
“All we ask is that you let us serve it your way.” But all they give us is an over-produced show done entirely their way.
And BTW, the King is just repulsive. Not interesting, not edgy. Just disgusting.