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Never mind not integrating their campaigns with new media, Frank Barnako notes that several advertisers didn’t even include a URL in their multi-gazillion-dollar Super Bowl commercials!
That’s completely ridiculous in light of comScore Networks research showing that some advertisers, led by Budweiser, saw huge spikes in website traffic while and immediately after their commercials aired.
You Still Have to Sell the Steak And the Sizzle
Not on the traffic spike list: Burger King. How come? Crispin Porter’s ad sent viewers to the easy-to-misspell instead of
You gotta sell the product guys, not your own cleverness. Doh. And, hey, the King is just creepy.
Madison Avenue, especially some of the planet’s largest ad agencies, has had 10 years to get the Web, and it’s still a wild frontier to them. Wake up you guys. Get over yourselves!
Start talking to customers, bloggers, and consultants with new media experience. Get with the program. Or you can just keep talking to yourselves.