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Pomegranate.gifAn article in the Wall Street Journal marvels that pomegranate cocktails “suddenly abound.” Drink trends, the writer muses, “just seem to arise out of nowhere.”
Ah, but those of us who have ever done PR for a beverage company know better, don’t we. :>)

The Journal notes that Los Angeles-based Pom Wonderful managed to get pomegranate juice into supermarkets around the country during the past year. “Then it hired a celebrity bartender to create the Pomtini cocktail and began promoting it. The news reports touting pomegranates as unusually high in antioxidants? The company sponsored that research, too.” the Journal continues.
What the reporter didn’t note is that the company also had street teams at a wide variety of events, at Grand Central Station, at health food stores and at farmer’s markets where they invited people to taste the juice, which happens to be delicious.
The Pom Wonderful site, has a press room, but no agency PR contact is identified. O’Dwyer’s PR site doesn’t list an agency either, so my guess is that the PR may be handled in-house.
Kudos. They miss a great opportunity to offer a product coupon on the site, like so many other companies that do a mediocre job of multi-media marketing.
And hey, send me some of that great juice!