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Those energetic folks at PETA have a given birth to a Baby PETA.
PETA2, a youth site, has street teams that reward participants with products. What you get depends on your level of activity.
This is the very similar to the business model used by BzzAgent, which helps create buzz for products, services and people including Seth Godin.
Kids are urged to boycott Iams pet food because of their alleged inhumane treatment of animals. (Oy.)

The Baby PETA site features messages from pop music celebs including Simple Plan, K-OS. Most Precious Blood and more.
PETA includes advice on What to Wear, What to Eat, and a way to get stickers that say “If You Wear Fur Watch Your Back” printed on a picture of a tomato and meant to be stuck onto offenders, uh, backs.
The company that created the site,, is now owned by , a nonprofit organization that “provides simple, affordable, and integrated services for small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations to help them become effective users of internet technology in their fundraising and management of donors and supporters.”