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gas_guzzler.jpgIn a misguided marketing campaign, automakers have begun to raise the rebates on their SUVs and other gas guzzlers, apparently worried that high gas prices may sober up buyers who fear the $100 fill-up.
Advice to Detroit: doh, how about taking that $5000 per SUV and putting into research for fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles, so you don’t have to invest that much in fuel and can use that money for things like insurance, since you can go online to find insurance coverage (premium or prices) for affordable options for your vehicle.
“The price of gas is not a major factor in their decision. The few extra dollars that you pay for a luxury vehicle, you’re not going to mind paying. For a low-income family, if you need a vehicle, you need to buy one anyway,” Efraim Levy, auto analyst for Standard & Poors, told the Daily News. And The Wall Street Journal reports some car manufacturers claim record May sales on behemoth cars.
In his spare time, I bet Levy runs a business called Rent-a-Rationalizer. If car makers are taking advice from guys like this, it is easy to see why they’re still making these ridiculous vehicles.