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gas_guzzler.jpgIn a misguided marketing campaign, automakers have begun to raise the rebates on their SUVs and other gas guzzlers, apparently worried that high gas prices may sober up buyers who fear the $100 fill-up.
Advice to Detroit: doh, how about taking that $5000 per SUV and putting into research for fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles.
“The price of gas is not a major factor in their decision. The few extra dollars that you pay for a luxury vehicle, you’re not going to mind paying. For a low-income family, if you need a vehicle, you need to buy one anyway,” Efraim Levy, auto analyst for Standard & Poors, told the Daily News. And The Wall Street Journal reports some car manufacturers claim record May sales on behemoth cars.
In his spare time, I bet Levy runs a business called Rent-a-Rationalizer. If car makers are taking advice from guys like this, it is easy to see why they’re still making these ridiculous vehicles.