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nextbigwebthing.jpgHow do you build an audience for a new blog? Are there any shortcuts? And even if there are, is there room for another Boing Boing on the A-list? Like lots of bloggers, David Lloyd, aka Dio Bach, is betting on blog advertising to build traffic to his new ad-supported The Next Big Web Thing blog, and What’s Next Blog is one of the places where he’s paying for placement.

Is this a trend? “Nope,” says Blogads Henry Copeland. “Our first ad was for a blog back in sept 02. Gladly, it has become a much smaller part of our business as people other than bloggers have caught onto the value of these audiences. Pajiba [movie reviews] advertises on a lot of blogs. ….i think that great blogging/ commenting/ arguing can be just as effective as advertising.”

Lloyd’s mission for The Next Big Web Thing blog is to create a multi-author blog centered on finding the next web technology, new concept, game, service, an old site with a new spin, that might become the next buzzword on the web. His vision, he says,”is fairly small,” but he wants ” to make a site that’s a collaboration in the grandest sense” According to the FAQs, “There are no prizes, the judges decisions are final and this is all for fun.”
Lloyd also works “on Internet related projects for the BBC” and publishes a godawful ugly PhotoBlog and contributing to Third Square, a blog for webmasters.
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