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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 31

Worst Digital Cases

The Beyond Social Media Show covers the best and worst campaigns in social media, plus shiny new objects you’ll want and stats you need.
It’s presented each week as a 1/2- hour live GooglePlus Hangout on Air. Co-hosts are:

B.L. OCHMAN Twitter,What’s Next Blog, YouTube, GooglePlus

DAVID ERICKSON Twitter, e-Strategy Blog YouTube

ALBERT MARUGGI Twitter Provident Partners, Social Media For Hospitality, YouTube

YouTube Channel

Here are the topics we covered this week. Playlist with links to the sites is below.

  • B.L. OCHMAN: Mashable’s Link Bait GooglePlus rant by an author who doesn’t use GooglePlus. Sheesh!
  • B.L. OCHMAN: Facebook Jumps the Shark (really!)
  • DAVID ERICKSON: Dennis Rodman’s incoherent, drunken rant to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un
  • B.L. OCHMAN: Target disses PlusSize models with offensive product description
  • B.L. OCHMAN: Shoppable Hangouts Come to GooglePlus, led by the fashion industry
  • B.L. OCHMAN: Schwartz Flavor Shots createss a sonic flavorscape to demonstrate The Sound of Taste in videos reminiscent of Coke & Mentos.
  • B.L. OCHMAN: IKEA social media catalog crowdsources Instagram photos of products entrants want to win from the print catalog. Dear IKEA, the campaign did not cost nothing.
  • B.L. OCHMAN: Seth Godin is teaching a Skillshares course for startups and would-be startups
  • B.L. OCHMAN: The Girl Scout Cookie Finder App is here. You know you want it.
  • B.L. OCHMAN: Medical Glasses allow nurses to see your veins before they draw blood tests.
  • DAVID ERICKSON: Google Glass fitness app Race Yourself lets you race friends and even virtual reality zombies.
  • DAVID ERICKSON: Daily Numbers: Top reasons US smartphone users play mobile games. Number One: Stress relief.

PLAYLIST, Beyond Social Media Show Episode 31, with links to original stories

Best Digital Cases

Shiny New Stuff

The Daily Numbers

Reasons US Smartphone users play video games