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extender.jpgThis weekend, along with my Sunday Daily News, came this free Charmin “extender,” designed to make Charmin’s new mega roll of toilet paper fit in the space provided by standard TP holders for a standard roll of TP.
The new mega roll is, the company claims, the size of four regular rolls, “so you don’t need to change the roll as often.” We, frankly, had not been suffering because of how often we have to change the roll, but we use 1,000 sheet Scott TP.
charmin_logo.jpgCharmin’s website gives away the extender free with a $1 off coupon when you try the new product. We do have to wonder who hangs out at the Charmin toilet paper website. Thank goodness they don’t have a mega roll blog.
There’s a vaguely disturbing little video on the site showing bears, who apparently run out of TP too often while shitting in the woods, solving their problem with Charmin’s mega roll.
The site also has a free Potty Training Kit, complete with diploma. I see a great opportunity for a blog for parents who are in the throes of potty training their toddlers.