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transporter_room.gifPicture this: it’s a lovely, moonlit night. You look up in the sky and you see not stars, not constellations, not the gorgeous glow of Venus. You see space commercials glowing in the night sky. Interfax reports that a Russian inventor has patented a method of producing “space commercials” which could provide intercontinental coverage for advertising messages.
Alexander Lavryonov, a spacecraft constructor, told Interfax on Wednesday that huge writings in the sky made out of satellites could fly around the earth several times a day, and people would be able to clearly see advertising symbols and even words at night.
Lavryonov said his invention has been patented with the Russian Patent and Trademark Agency.
There are no real problems with building and launching spacecraft that could be visible to the naked eye from the earth, he said. Explaining the principle of his invention, he said “satellites would be made visible from the earth against the night sky by installing sunlight reflectors on the spacecraft.”
Coming next, space spam.