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space_shrimp.pngIn a lame press release declaring “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Giant Shrimp,” Long John Silver’s Restaurant announced that it will give away one giant shrimp to all comers on Monday, May 10, from 2 to 5 p.m. to celebrate NASA’s discovery of an ocean on Mars.
Silver’s president Steve Davis sent a personal letter to NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe, congratulating NASA and saying that Silver’s wants to be the first seafood restaurant on Mars. How about sending the person who wrote the release to Mars instead?
The letter also said, “The rovers have been extremely busy since they arrived on Mars – they’ve had ‘plenty of things on their plate.’ Now, with the discovery of ocean water, America can add one more thing to its plate – free Giant Shrimp.”
The release might have been funny if the shrimp were called “Martian Shrimp” or “Space Shrimp,” or even “Out of this World Shrimp,” instead of giant shrimp. The shrimp that are given away ought to have little space helmets on. Instead, it’s just another run of the mill, crassly commercial press release.