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Rishad Tobaccowala, chief innovation officer at Publicis Groupe Media and president of SMG Next, outlined six issues that could cause the colllapse of the online ad industry at the online advertising conference OMMA West, in San Francisco:
1. “Inner Dinosaur Disease,” the fear of change. Because change can be painful, he said, we resist it – or agencies and clients chase after change in meaningless or unsuitable increments.
2. “optimizing the wrong things,” he said, focusing on inputs rather than outputs.
3. “data wars,” or paying more attention to deriving metrics instead of determining which are relevant.
4. the arrogance of success, he said, which leads to a lack of cooperation and productive partnering.
5. “creative conflagration,” or balancing numbers with creative, without which numbers don’t turn into anything interesting.
6. dearth of talent.
And then there’s money. As online costs rise, the small businesses that support so much of the online ad marketplace will be priced out of Google, Yahoo! and MSN — allowing blogs the opportunity to show their selling power..
via marketingvox