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Mena Trott, co-founder of Six Apart the creator of blogging products like Moveable Type and Typepad, says little of interest in a “The Future of the Blog,” interview with Rena Jana in BusinessWeek online. But VC bloggers have been abuzz about where the company is heading now that it’s gotten another $12 million in C-level VC cash ffrom three investors, one of whom is rumored to be Intel. While Six Apart’s talking, Delphi Forums is busy doing.
Delphi has already done what Six Apart says it plans in another year when it launches Project Comet, which combines blogs and social networking. Delphi Blogs has already integrated blogs, forums, chat rooms and bulletin boards for its members. The company quietly began offering Delphi Blogs about a week ago, offering “full-featured personal Web logs with advanced controls and support for comments, trackbacks, permalinks, RSS and more.”

Six Apart is definitely good at its own promotion, so its future seems assured even if others have better software and member programs. Will there eventually be a Six Apart IPO? Will Yahoo buy them as they’ve bought other social media companies recently? How about The NY Times, who already owns and its 500+ blogs? Or News Corp, which owns My-Space?
Six Apart has so far been mum on the funding, except for Andrew Anker commenting on VC Paul Kedrosky’s blog that “It’s not about increasing or decreasing transparency, it’s about having something to talk about or not having something to talk about. And unfortunately for this story, we don’t have anything to talk about.”