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penguin_walk.jpgOsama bin Laden tape be damned. Bloggers are buzzing about the wild life in Japan, according to Technorati. That’s because not only the Japanese stock market, but also the animals and the zoo keepers have gone bonkers.
At Tokyo zoo a snake has developed an unusual bond with a hamster that was presented to the snake as dinner. The snake refused to eat the rodent and the two now share a cage. The hamster was known to fall asleep sitting atop the snake.
And mysterious jellyfish the size of sumo wrestlers are clogging Japanese fishermen’s nets since July. “It’s a terrible problem. They’re like aliens,” Noriyuki Kani of the fisheries federation in Toyama, northwest of Tokyo, told Reuters.
Also in Japan, Penguins in a Hokkaido zoo are being taken on twice-daily walks to stop them from getting too fat in the winter.
Groundhogs are vlogging. Can Japanese character blogs by alien jellyfish be far behind?