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By B.L. Ochman

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Maybe Mitt Romney paid so much in taxes in the past few years that he didn’t have the $12.99 it takes to register all variations of domains including his name.

New York Magazine reports that the site is owned by 26-year-old Astoria resident Peter Crowley, who bought the domain in 2010 with the hope that he could one day “sell it for profit.”

Nobody’s offered him money so far, but my bet is that they soon will.

You’d think Romney’s camp would have learned from Newt Gingrich – who got punked with a fake site a few months ago because he didn’t own his own name.

Hey, I’m the proud ownder of and – both of which I’d be happy to sell for a minimum bid of a mere $150K each.

And seriously, folks, if you don’t own the URL of your own name, and all its variations, go get them right now.