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drewcareytweet.pngDrew Olanoff is kicking cancer’s sorry ass – again. Diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, he had already raised more than $20,000 to help the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation fight cancer with his #BlameDrewsCancer Twitter campaign and Blame Cancer initiatives.
Now Olanoff is auctioning off his Twitter name @Drew and actor Drew Carey is bidding $1 million for in the first-ever Twitter Charity Auction.

Take that cancer! Drew’s don’t like you. You’re finished.

Olanoff has had @Drew since Twitter’s earliest days. By time Carey signed up, he had to settle for @DrewFromTV. So Olanoff realized this his digital identity might be worth money. With Twitter’s blessings, because the auction is for charity and not personal gain, Olanoff announced the auction.
Drew.pngOlanoff gets his last cancer treatment on Nov 2, and celebrates his birthday on Nov. 9. He says “I’m obviously going to have a really sweet party/fundraiser on that day (1 on each coast), but I wanted to do something else. Do something to kick Cancer right where it hurts.
So he decided to auction his treasured @Drew for charity. All proceeds go to LIVESTRONG and bidding ends on November 9th. The highest bid gets it. Just tweet your bid with the hashtag #drewbid.
Besides showing the amazing spirit of Olanoff, the auction demonstrates yet again, what really rocks about social media. It gives everyone a voice, lets people communicate in real-time, simultaneously, worldwide.

While corporations are worrying about the public damaging their brand by saying what they think about it; while companies stick a little toe in the water to see what social media is all about and have endless meetings to decide how to avoid injury, ordinary people are using the new tools to do good.

People helping people: it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks Drew.
Take that cancer! You jerk.
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