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Breaking up is hard to do. Don’t do it.

Sundar Pichai, SVP pf Products at Google, and “defacto Number 2 man” says in an exclusive interview with Forbes that Google may be considering separating photos and Hangouts from the Google+ stream.

Many have speculated about that, but this is the first official nod from Google.

Pichai also admits that Google has done a lousy job of marketing the platform. Yup, that’s absolutely true!

Seems to me that major steps in the right direction should be:

* uncomplicating Hangouts drastically,
* adding the HOA features those of us who are power users have repeatedly requested,
* and hiring people who actually use the platform to market it in order to eliminate these pervasive myths

Please NOTE: Sundar Pichai Larry Page: I am immediately available to assist with multi-channel marketing of Google+ and can put together a crackerjack team in a matter of days :)

Bonus Link: Dear Google: You are doing a terrible job of explaining Google+