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Look out Hertz, Avis and Budget! Your environmentally conscious customers have a new alternative. Bio-Beetle Eco Car Rentals, in Los Angeles, is renting cars that run on filtered vegetable oil.
“Some people say it smells like french fries, some say doughnuts and chicken,” says Shaun Stenshol, the founder and president of Hawaii-based Bio-Beetle Inc “I think it’s a nice aroma.”
“Biodiesel is one of the renewable fuels that can lead the way toward sustainability. This is my way of showing people that we have a choice, right now, to switch to fuels that can reduce our dependence on natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear fuels, which are destroying our environment and contributing to foreign conflict.” said Stenshol.
Boy, would I love to do the viral campaign for this company!
Posted by B.L. Ochman