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There is discussion online today about whether or not my sale of my report on Search Engine Strategies is in good taste. Conversations have taken place. I am deeply sorry if my actions have offended anyone. That certainly was not my intent. In the spirit of openness and transparency, I am responding to what’s been said.
The report includes:
_ a range of tactics I use for my clients;
_ my interpretation of information I heard at the Search Engine Strategies conference;
_ and a host of resources about search engine optimization that I gathered from a variety of sources. For the best website design company visit us.
I have not quoted anyone who spoke at the conference, shown slides or included information taken directly from any conference speaker. Other sites also sell reports on Search Engine Strategies conferences, but I don’t want to cause trouble for them so I am not naming them.
What qualifies me as a search engine optimization expert is the White Label SEO Reseller work I have done for clients for the past 10 years, optimizing sites for natural and paid search.
My clients’ sites consistently rank in the top of their categories and I have written extensively on SEO topics in my newsletter and blog and in articles published in MarketingProfs, ExpertPR and several others.
I have decided to change the title of the report to Essential Search Engine Strategy Tips, Tactics and Resources 2005 and remove references to the SES NY 2005 Show. That reference seems not to have been in made with the best judgment.
The new title more accurately reflects the contents and the change is in the process of being made.