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amex.pngAmerican Express is raising the bar on social media marketing with their new campaign, “The Members Project.”
At a time when so many social media marketing campaigns are pointless, weird, or just plain boring, (too many to name in the latter category) this is a welcome and refreshing addition to the lexicon. Bravo!
The campaign, open to AmEx card holders only (think membership expansion) combines corporate social responsibility with social media. An email said:

“…Join Cardmembers to dream up, and ultimately unite behind, one incredible idea. American Express will bring it to life with up to $5 million.
So where does the money come from? It’s all about power in numbers. For every Cardmember that registers, American Express contributes $1 — up to $5 million for that one winning idea.*
Will you send meningitis vaccines to Africa? Rebuild a school in New Orleans? Or support small organic farmers? The possibilities are endless. The decision is yours. Join The Members Project today.”

Participants read and rate the ideas, and on July 3rd, the top 50 projects will be announced so the favorite can be chosen.
The campaign has community, interesting ideas, a conscience, a point, and is also sure to raise awareness, add a coolness factor to carrying the card, and, well, you get the point, I think it’s great.