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firefox_parties.jpgBy B.L. Ochman It’s pretty wonderful that people like Firefox so much that they want to have parties to celebrate the release of version 2.0. More than 500 parties are planned as of tonight.
One thing you can be sure of, there won’t be any user-generated parties to celebrate the release of Microsoft’s Vista, unless Edelman (who’s handling the launch) sets them up.

The parties fit right into my theory that what’s new online is offline. People want to get together with other people who share their online interests, and a Firefox party is as good an excuse as any.
I rushed to download the new version and was horrified to learn that I can now only use Onfolio with Explorer. My collections weren’t lost, thank goodness. I know Microsoft bought Onfolio a few months back, turning it into a free product for those who use Explorer. What I didn’t know was that Firefox wouldn’t warn people who use Onfolio that they shouldn’t upgrade to 2.0 if Onfolio is important to them. Sigh.