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Yesterday, I complained about an email linking to a press release about Nooked, a new online RSS service designed for PR and marketing professionals.”
Here’s the point: you can’t pitch bloggers the same way you’ve always pitched traditional media.
What got me going was the insipid headline on the release, “Nooked Rescues Corporate Communications With Online RSS Service.” I don’t doubt that it’s a great service. Just tell us about it. We’ll decide how great it is!
Was I harsh? Probably more than necessary and more than I meant to be. It’s not that I never respond to emails from publicists. I have often run something about a topic introduced by a personal email or done an interview based on it.
But this is a service about RSS feeds and I think there are better ways than emails to announce the launch. For example:
– I know, and respect, the publicists for Nooked through the blogosphere. One of them could certainly have contacted me and other bloggers personally, via email, phone or snail mail and skipped the hyped up press release
– They could advertise on blogs that cover PR and marketing. What? No money for advertising? Undercapitalized perhaps?
When you throw traditional hype at bloggers, you take the chance that one will take issue.
Who am I to criticize flacks? I was one for almost 20 years. I have

worked as an Internet strategist for almost 10 years and consider myself a recovering publicist. Until 1996 I was a publicist, running my own 6-member firm in Manhattan. I was so disheartened by the cheesy way that 99 percent of publicists practice their craft that I completely changed my focus. Today, I help clients learn how to make more money selling online. Online or off, I’ll do anything that is kind and legal to help a client succeed. Sometimes my work involves publicity, but PR is no longer my field.