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Google is putting its money where its hiring practices aren’t. Women make up just 17 percent of the Web giant’s tech workforce and are outnumbered in leadership positions nearly 4 to 1.

But thank you Google, this is a great way to not be evil! I’ve applied :)

Code SchoolAt the Google I/O Conference, GoogleX vice-president Meghan Smith announced that its Techmakers Program is teaming up with CodeSchool to away thousands of accounts for women and minorities to attend three free months of self-learning Code School.

One thousand people will receive free accounts directly, while the unnumbered remainder, estimated to be in the thousands, will be given by referral. Apply here

Code School’s CEO Gregg Pollack said in a blog post:

“We should note: this isn’t exactly a free for all; Google is distributing promo codes strategically at the conference and inside the community. But what this does mean is thousands of people interested in continuing their path with programming will have the ability to do so free of charge.”

HT to Karma Martell