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julie_powell.jpgFamous food blogger Julie Powell seems not to be winning friends and influencing other bloggers. It’s not all perfect soufflés since the Cinderella blogger with a PR firm and lots of press, including a Knight Ridder feature and 1519 links in Technorati, took a nasty pot shot at other food bloggers.
Bad form dear, says the fairy godmother.
Powell said in an interview:
“I’m going to get in a lot of trouble, but the truth is, I actually find most food blogs really boring. I try to look at other people’s blogs and they have pretty pictures and they’re so proud — but really, I just don’t care. I don’t know anything about that person, and I don’t know why it’s important to them. Food in itself becomes just a mass of prejudices and snobbery and everyone looks like a prat when they write about food.”
The Julie/Julia Project, the blog that started Powell on the road to fame seems to have been adandoned on August 13th. Dear Julia: you might want to take it down or mark it as archival.