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Menstruation has gone viral – thanks to Hello Flo a subscription service that delivers monthly packages containing tampons, panty liners and candy – and a few laughs.

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Their hilarious video for The Hello Flo Starter Kit – meant to be given to young women when they get their first period – has gone viral and is sure to change the conversation about menstruation forever. The video has had nearly 80,000 views since it was launched yesterday.

HelloFloIn the ad, a pre-teen girl becomes the first at her camp to get her period and uses the milestone to gain popularity as the “camp gyno,” doing Menstruation Demonstrations and handing out tampons to other campers. She uses a bullhorn to order campers around and quickly becomes drunk with her newfound power.

She’s soon replaced when the other girls’ parents start sending Hello Flo Starter Kits.

“The whole camp started getting frigging care packages in the mail with tampons, and panty liners and candy! It’s like Santa for your vagina! How can a camp gyno compete with that!”

Produced without an agency, the spot was created by co-writers and co-directors Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland, a copywriter and art director team who worked together at BBDO. “We came up with this idea over a bottle of wine and a bunch of Thai food one night,” HelloFlo founder and CEO Naama Bloom told Adweek.

Back in 2004 a site called Ditties tried to make tampons more “stylish and fun”. It featured Tampon Bowling and a pledge to always pass a tampon to a woman in need. But it failed, IMO, as I said at the time in a blog post – because it didn’t use social media marketing to create a community.

Lack of social media marketing clearly is not going to be a problem for Hello Flo.

Hat tip to my fabulous sister, Dori R. Friedman Schwartz