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Steve Rubel of MicroPersuasion blog is referring the the PRSA Conference flap I started as Bloggergate. That’s a hoot. Too bad he doesn’t always check his facts.
He received a copy of the same statement I got yesterday from PRSA. He assumed (which, as mother always said, makes an ASS out of U and ME) that the blogger they mentioned in their email was me.
However, it was the International Association of Online Communicators who approached PRSA about holding a blogging workshop at which I would be the speaker. I informed PRSA of that last night.
Who knows what Rubel’s actual agenda is, but he did issue a retraction of his incorrect post.
I hope he can remember that the issue in question is not what he thinks of me, but why the biggest PR organization in the world has ignored the important new media phenomenon of blogging in their upcoming conference.