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By B.L. Ochman
“it’s no laughing matter that the head of Facebook appears not to care about privacy. (We asked Facebook to clarify Zuckerberg’s privacy stance but have yet to hear back.) That’s from Wired’s April 28th story. But you’ll see that same sentence all over new and traditional media.
Dear Mark Zuckerberg: As even the most junior flack, and a host of CEOs and CMOs can tell you, “No Comment” has consequences in the Internet Age. Entrepreneurs are already jumping in to offer solutions you won’t provide.

While Zuckerberg stays stubbornly – and if you ask me, wrongly — mum on Facebook’s new privacy policy, its 425 million members are largely in the dark about how to change their settings or why they should. Under the new rules, those who want to avoid making their Facebook information public across the Internet have to opt out not once, not twice, but many times — IF they can find the well-hidden privacy controls within the site.
Users have to jump through hoops to find all the settings they have to change to keep their Facebook information private. Not only that, you have to change the settings on information friends can share about you – and those are separate settings. Damned if I can find those. Can you?
Facebook’s been a game changer before, and it’s made ballsy moves it later modified. But this time, it seems to have pissed off everyone from mommy bloggers to the FTC.
Entrepreneurs to the rescue?
Inevitably, Facebook’s new settings are already encouraging entrepreneurs to take advantage of the situation. Witness this email pitch I got this morning: the first of many, I’m sure:

To make sense of the ever-changing and complex set of Facebook privacy settings,, developer of a comprehensive suite of anonymous surfing and internet privacy tools, will soon announce the launch of its new Secure My Profile application for Facebook.
By viewing user profiles from several angles (including how friends, non-friends and search engines see the information), Secure My Profile compares comprehensive data collected from the user on his/her desired privacy level to the current privacy level and walks the user through the privacy setting changes”

File that one under “Find a hole and fill it.” Props to ConnectInPrivate! And for you, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: a Bronx cheer.
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