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Twitter has begun rolling out a new “While You Were Away” timeline feature that makes some power users unhappy according to MakeUseOf.

Several iOS users report seeing the feature on their mobile devices recently. Some love it, some hate it. The jury’s still out.

Twitter-while you wereaway Twitter announced the new feature in November 2014, saying they hoped it would make relevant information easier for users to track “whether you stay on Twitter all day or visit for a few minutes – while still preserving the real-time nature of the platform that makes Twitter special.”

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told an analyst meeting that 500 million people visit the site every month without logging in, according to The Verge and features like the timeline compilation are aimed at people like them.

However, while the feature may make Twitter more accessible to new users, says Matthew Ingram in GigaOm, tens of thousands of users are vehemently opposed to this type of timeline manipulation.

Will people just grumble about the changes and stick around? Yup!

Twitter’s tried and true, and still my main source of online news. There’ll be another Ello soon, and we’ll all beg for invites. But we’ll ask for those invites with Tweets. Doh!