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Hewlett Packard labs has done a study proving that more than 70% of the time, top bloggers plagarize from lesser known bloggers. I could have told them that for a whole lot less than I’m sure they spent. But the real online plagarism problem goes way beyond bloggers.
Says Slashdot “from the we-prefer-to-say-‘borrow’ dept: the HP study scientifically proves what most people already knew: bloggers steal their ideas from other bloggers.”
For example, sleazeball gossip monger blogger Matt Drudge claimed a “worldwide exclusive” on the alleged, and quickly disproved rumor of an affair between John Kerry and an intern. In fact, the story had been reported several days earlier on Watchblog. Nonetheless, international media, without exception, credited Drudge with the scoop.

In a Guardian column entitled “Why Drudge is Bad for the Internet,” Paul Carr notes that “Drudge refuses to let the facts get in the way of a good lie, but that most of those lies