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By B.L. Ochman
Eight years ago, eons in Internet years, Hugh MacLeod used to call me from his cottage in Cumbria and ask “Should we get jobs? Are we nuts? Can we become successful on the Internet?”

One or the other of us would say, “We need to keep doing what we’re doing. Businesses are going to catch on soon.” And, indeed, some did.

We’ve both gone on to become successful, thanks to our blogs, our vision, good timing, and a bit of luck, I suppose. Now Hugh’s written a book, “Evil Plans: Having Fun on the road to world domination,” about his and lots of other people’s journey out of their cubicle and into a life doing something they care about – something everyone else thought they were crazy to try. If reading it doesn’t get you off your butt to start doing something you love, read it again!

As Evil Plans notes, nobody gets successful sitting around dreaming. The people who make it work all the time, almost always at many different things, based on insatiable curiosity and a strong drive to escape mediocrity. Reading this book will motivate you, if indeed you’re serious about changing your future. And hey, that’s a helluva a lot for a book to do!

It’s got great (tiny) cartoons too!
I read the book in one sitting, saying, “just one more chapter, just one more story,” until I got to the end. Hugh’s a terrific story teller, and the stories in this book have substance. The coolest thing about the book is its cartoon illustrations, so I am sorry to see that the publisher made them tiny instead of full pages, in color.

If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving the rat race, or if the rats have kicked you out and you wonder what your next move should be, you need to read Evil Plans right now.

I collect Hugh’s artwork, and after I read Evil Plans, I had to buy this print, which was my favorite of the dozens of great cartoons in the book.

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