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It took Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud to create Chase Me, a stop-motion animated film using only parts made with a 3D printer. It is about embracing fears and turning them into something beautiful.


Jason Brick reports in PSFK that Deschaud printed over 2,500 individual components using a Form 1 + 3D printer. Large objects, like trees, were printed in smaller pieces and assembled. The protagonist was printed in various sizes for wide-angle and close-up shots.

Chase Me:3D Printing + Animation

Chase Me’s website explains “For the wide camera shots, the filmmaker printed out a girl measuring 3 cm tall, and switched to a 7 cm model for close-ups.The set was 3D printed in multiple parts that were combined to make the larger objects. For instance, the giant tree was printed in 22 individual 3D prints on the Form 1+. Smaller, animated parts of the set, such as the growing tree and the waterfall were modeled and printed for each specific still to illustrate movement.”

Deschaud, a digital artist and animator, has long been experimenting through a variety of 2D and 3D mediums. This led to his experiment with 3D printing. Throughout his career, Gilles-Alexandre has experimented with various techniques using a hybrid of 2D mediums, such as painting and drawing, combined with animation and 3D printing.

The film’s release will be announced on Chase Me’s Facebook page.