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Yes, that Patrick Stewart!

What does it take to get world news-weary donors to open their wallets these days? Can charities dare to be funny, offbeat or even odd and still spur generosity? Hell yes!

Patrick-Stewart-Cowboy_classicsSir Patrick Stewart will have you rolling on the floor laughing as his alter-ego, Cowboy Pat, sings country classics in hilarious videos and on a country album that sold out in a flash. Stewart is a well-known philanthropist and relief advocate. But who knew he could yodel?!

The proceeds of those sales go directly to further the important work of the International Rescue Committee, an international refugee charity focused on aiding displaced families in Europe, the Middle East, and more.

After all, it’s hard to make jokes about starving children or abused puppies and the other horrors of modern life. Who hasn’t rushed to change the channel when Sarah McLachlan’s maudlin appeal for the ASPCA comes on.

On the sold-out album’s website, a video shows Stewart singing country classics including “Rawide,” “Buttons and Bows,” “Don’t Fence Me In,” “Ghost Riders In The Sky,” and “Whoopie Ti Yi Yo.” An infomercial-sounding intro voice over introduces Cowboy Pat as one of “England’s premiere cowboy singers” now bringing, “his music stateside in this amazing collection.”ie Yo

And amazing it is. YeeHaw!