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By B.L. Ochman. @whatsnext

On Beyond Social Media Show #Podcast, I interviewed Tom Herman, serial entrepreneur, who’s got more than 20 years of experience starting companies and leading product development teams. He’s got a really exciting startup called Meta-Carbon that will bring gamification of NFTs to the education and marketing of carbon offsets to fight climate change.

We talked about the ways voluntary carbon offsets, climate change, blockchain and NFTs will be coming together in marketing, advertising and PR.

Blockchain and NFTs explained clearly (finally!)

In our interview on Beyond Social Media Show #podcast, Tom explained voluntary carbon offsets, blockchain and NFTs in plain English – making it one of the only places you’ll see these much used terms explained clearly. :) Tom explained:

“So let’s talk about the difference between fungible and non fungible tokens. Bitcoin is a fungible token. US dollars are fungible insofar as if you have a $1 bill, and I have a $1 bill, you’re probably happy to trade with me if I like yours better than mine.

They’re not exactly the same. They’re actually printed in different states and they have different serial numbers. But nonetheless, they’re fungible insofar as they have the same value. And there’s really no differentiation. The same is true with a bushel of corn, or a barrel of oil. Those are fungible commodities.

All of this is built on blockchain. Tokens live on blockchain? So when you think about Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a primary blockchain and the tokens that have value have like $55,000 a token right because a Bitcoin right now is actually built on the Bitcoin blockchain, that’s where they live. There’s other blockchains like Ethereum, and then there’s sort of odd blockchains, like, well, or other tokens like Dogecoin that are all, you know, out there and used for different purposes, and have actually quite different carbon footprints. So that’s how they relate to blockchain. They’re all built on blockchain.”

Creature Tokens to Fight Climate Change

Flamingo Creature Token NFT from Meta-CarbonTom’s new company has created Creature Tokens, collectible NFTs which each represent an animal from an important habitat. Each collectible contains a certain number of Sustainable Development Goal tokens (SDGs) which come from Carbon Offsets. By purchasing a Creature Token, you are also helping to offset your carbon footprint. When you purchase a new creature token, it doesn’t have a name, so you get to name it. And boom, you have your own NFT.