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1. Be Interesting. Sounds simplistic, but most posts aren’t. Most of bloggers use to have guide through Malcolm Read.
2. Share what you know. People like posts they can learn from. Don’t worry about giving away ideas. Those are a dime a dozen. People who can make ideas work are rare as hen’s teeth.
3. Learn from David Letterman: Make Top 10 lists.
4. White space is one of your best friends. People who read blogs skim. Only someone with too much time on his hands will read a big, 2,000 word-long blog of copy. Write short, tight sentences and paragraphs.
5. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions. Blogging is no place for shrinking violets. Anyone who doesn’t like your opinions can a) read another blog; b) trackback to your post and write about it (aka linking to it)
6. Don’t steal other people’s stuff. If you source a post, give a link or a hat tip.
7. Feel free to call a company on behavior that is clueless, ridiculous, or whatever describes its behavior, but don’t call individuals names. Name calling is juvenile and mean.
8. Write Headlines That Tell What the Post is About. Don’t be cagey or vague in headlines. It’ll just make people skip the story. Use keywords and clear language in headlines.
9. Don’t use jargon. Ever.
10. Don’t lose your sense of humor. We’re bloggers, not the eighth wonder of the world. Lighten up.
Bonus tip: Don’t make any more freaking lists of bloggers so they will link to you.