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Yesterday, Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion spotlighted a post in Luca De Fino’s Italian blog, Fluido, about how to monitor your brand online. Since the original was in Italian, he also linked to a Google translation of the post. It was complete gibberish, as machine translations so often are. Since every business needs to monitor its brand online, SRF Global Translations is providing a certified English translation of the post and the comments it generated, created by a literate human as a public service to the global business blogging community.
As I’ve noted before here and on Ethics Crisis, machine translations, like the ones provided by Google and BabelFish are laughable, unless you are depending on them for business.
And yes, I’m doing a little cross-blog promotion to drive traffic to Ethics Crisis and, hopefully, get you to try SRF Global Translations when you need literate, nuanced, multilanguage translation of marketing or advertising materials for your company or your clients.