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Cross-posted by B.L. Ochman at the new MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog
If you believe the media reports, just about everyone is either reading or writing a blog at any given moment. You don’t have to join them. Here are the top 10 reasons not to start a company blog.
10. People might say bad things about you in your blog’s comments and on other blogs
9. You’ll have to decide when to respond and when to ignore comments
8. it’s hard to build an audience. It takes time, effort, and skillful promotion to build an audience for a blog.
7. Dozens of other blogs probably cover the same information. To be successful today, you need to define a narrow niche for your blog and become an expert in it.
6. Everyone and her dog already has a blog. Even whores have blogs these days.
5. You need approval from legal before you can publish anything. Don’t bother blogging if every word has to be vetted by legal or PR. You need an authentic voice
4. It’s hard to decide who in the company should blog. It’s not always the CEO.
3. Blogging is addictive. You might not be able to stop. It’s also lots of fun.
2. It takes a lot of time, Researching and writing is a complex and extremely time-consuming task. A blog that isn’t kept up to date quickly loses its luster and its audience.
And the number one reason your company shouldn’t blog:

1. Writing something interesting every day is hard. Most people would rather have root canal than write something coherent, pithy and provocative every day. It takes talent, skill and training to write down ideas clearly and make them interesting to read.