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And why it’s important

Your HoverCard is created from your G+ Profile and it shows up in at least 25 places on Google platforms, from email to YouTube to your Google+ Communities.

It’s important because people decide to follow you based on what they see on this card when they hover over your name on Google+.

Here’s how to avoid newbie mistakes so you can create a Hover Card that will be your Google+ networking and branding tool.

G+ Hover Card Tips

Your HoverCard is seen when anyone hovers over your name on:

  • Your Google+ posts in your stream, events, and Communities
  • Every comment you make on Google+, YouTube, Blogger and more
  • Lists of people Google recommends for following
  • Your +1 mentions
  • Your name in a list of members of Communities in which you participate
  • Hangouts on Air (attendees and filmstrip participants’ hover card pops up when you mouse over the name, giving you the option to follow the person)

Here’s my Hover Card (Left) and Benny’s (right) that I use in coaching demos:

BL Hover CardBenny Hover Card

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry. You can make all the changes you want until you get the copy the way it will make maximum impact. You can’t break anything by experimenting. You can always make additional changes.

Now go get started on your Google+ Hover Card!