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What’s Next Blog readers get 50 percent off when you register forLikeable Media’s first annual Likeable U. I’m speaking about online reputation management at the conference, which takes place June 8th and 9th in New York City.

Use code friendofBL50 when you register to get 50 percent off.

Says Likeable founder Dave Kerpen, “Social Media moves at warp speed— and sometimes it’s hard to keep up! The conference is designed to give you a better understanding of when, why, and how to use social media to achieve your overall goals as a brand as well as an individual.”

Read Dave Kerpen’s new book
Be sure to get yourself a copy of Dave’s terrific new book “Likeable Social Media.” It’s filled with practical, plain-English advice that cuts through the jargon of social business and tells you how to integrate social media into your business’ success. Dave knows his digital stuff! His advice is specific, and, well, likeable.