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At PMA University’s “How to Sell More Books by Slicing and Dicing the Manuscript”:
Paulette Ensign suggested:
– sell thousands or even millions of tips booklets to mass marketers. For example, if you are an organizer, write a tips booklet on How to Organize Your Office and sell it to Staples to give away with every carton of file folders
– license the use of your tips booklets through an ad agency for their clients’ use
– sell to associations for their membership
– sell to magazines to give away with new subs. They may buy millions of copies.
Joan Stewart of the Publicity Hound recommended:
– send editors 300 to 500 word How-To on any topic covered in your book
– Tip Sheets – send as many as one a week, write “Simultaneous Submission” at the top
Susan Driscoll, president of advised:
– the author platform – a demonstration of your circle of influence, or marketability – is what publishers care most about. Explain in your proposal how you will gain the broadest possible publicity exposure.
– publishers like multiple books. Slice your topic into sub-topics and propose multiple books.
– Don’t be afraid to give content away. Use info you give away to get something in return: get them to give you their email address for free content for example.
Many speakers talked about getting email addresses to build a list. But not one said “Make sure you ask permission to email to them again.” Pretty basic oversight in this spam-infested age.