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Illustrating the integration of GooglePlus, gMail, Google search, and Google Authorship (which links your name to your content) this image demonstrates the 11 ways GooglePlus promotes every post you share there.

11 reasons G+(click on the photo to enlarge it to full size)

This example accompanied an email from Google, suggesting that I follow Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle, whose profile I created as a coaching tool.

This small box that appeared in the right column of my email, provides a wealth of information.

Among the options I could select are:

– Benny’s profile photo (here’s my 5-muinute video on how to set up your profile)
– a snippet of Benny’s most recent G+ post
– a link to Pawfun Blog, the source of the post
– click to add him to my G+ circles
– click the camera to start a video call with him
– +1 his post
– see how many +1s the post already got
– email him
– click the dropdown menu to see his most recent emails to me
– invite him to chat
– see which of his circles he shared the post with, and when

So clearly, your Google+ content plays a huge role in your online presence. Make sure you’re making every post count.

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