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Halliburton.jpgSome sources say 50% of blogs are abandoned when bloggers realize that coherent daily blogging is hard work. But my friend and client, Steve Betheil, of Water Secrets Blog has been blogging about water safety for over a year. And, remarkably, he consistently manages to post really interesting stories about water. If you think that’s easy, think again. He’s got a doozie today about Haliburton giving US troops at a camp in Iraq water contaminated with sewage.
Water Secrets Blog cites a Reuters report that water given to the soldiers was twice as contaminated as water from the Euphrates River, according to former employees of the company.
The Haliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown and Root, also blocked employees’ attempts to inform the U.S. military at Camp Junction City in Ramadi that the water was foul or tell them that water tanks should immediately be chlorinated, the workers said.
You go Steve!
And by the way, I like Steve’s water filters so much that I gave model 2400 to several dear friends for Christmas.