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PR people listen up! Here’s something rare as hen’s teeth: a great PR pitch. It came not from a publicist, but from Mike Schultz, publisher of Here’s how it began:
BL, [not dear blogger]
First, I hope (but am not confident) I’m not committing any of the major sins you write about in Press Releases from Hell. [Cool, he bothered to look at my site.]
Second, I saw the picture of Sammy. This may seem like a cheesy ploy to get your attention, but, no joke, it caught my eye because we have an office dog: Toby. Will send a pic but I wouldn’t want to weigh you down with attachments. [Talking about my dog is a direct route to my heart. And not sending attachments is another.]
Now, on to the reason for my email: my name is Mike Schultz and I’m the Publisher of, an online content site focused on marketing and selling for consulting and professional services firms. I thought I’d send this story idea along to you for the What’s Next Blog, the What’s Next Online Newsletter, and/or for any other marketing publications you might be writing for such as ClickZ and MarketingProfs (I believe we’ve had articles in the same issue before too).
We at recently asked 200 corporate decision makers who buy professional services about how much services they expect to buy in the next two years compared to now, how they like to find their service providers, how they prefer to buy from the providers, and what problems with service providers they encounter when buying. And it goes on with details and then includes a release.
[He clearly bothered to find out what I write, Googled me to see what publications I write for, and personalized this pitch. I immediately asked for a copy of his company’s report and will post about it once I’ve read it.]