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A while ago, I filled out an online survey for the keyword software Wordtracker, and soon forgot about it. Today, I had email from Andy Mindel, Wordtracker’s Managing Director, Wordtracker saying that since I had offered insightful feedback, he wanted to let me know “that we have already taken some of your thoughts on board” and that they’ve implemented specific changes I suggested.
That’s what I call terrific customer responsiveness — the kind that makes evangelists from customers. And he signed the email “Andy,” which also scored points because it opens a conversation.
I’ve spent countless hours using Wordtracker to help fine tune my clients’ search engine optimization. So I know what it does well and what needs improvement. Any customer who will share his or her likes and dislikes of your products is a gem. Most people won’t bother to tell you what they think.
Listening to customers is just plain good business. This kind of contact lets a customer know there are real live, caring human beings running the company.
And that, is the best kind of PR anyone can ever practice. Of course, after this Andy, I’ll have to charge you for my advice.:>)