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JetBlue Airways founder and CEO David Neeleman has taken to YouTube to issue this apology and promise to JetBlue customers and crew for well-publicized dreadful experiences they had to endure during last week’s ice storm.

“I ask for your business and your trust and we will show you that we will be even a better company because of the the things that our customers and our crew members have had to endure over the past week. ”

While there’s no denying that passengers suffered greatly and needlessly, the good news is that Neeleman seems genuinely concerned and willing to do more than kiss ass. Now he needs to take it beyond talk. Way beyond.
Here’s the new Jet Blue Customer Bill of Rights. It’s a start. But it doesn’t go far enough.
If they’re really serious about keeping their customers and getting new ones, they’d give every customer who was involved several free round-trip tickets to the destinations of their choice, whether they were on the tarmac or in the airport for three hours or thirty.
It would cost JetBlue a lot less to prove their promises have teeth by actually providing great service than by trying to advertise or promote their way back into our hearts.
And JetBlue should immediately give customers a blog where they can discuss and get response to their experiences, good and bad.
The video’s a brilliant use of social media because it is raw and direct. I bet some JetBlue passengers will give them another go because of it.
I’m going to bet that they’ll get their act together. But I’m not exactly ready to go buy some Jet Blue stock.