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cadbury.jpgBy B.L. Ochman Anyone who knows me knows there aren’t too many things I like more than chocolate. So a story about Cadbury Chocolate’s UK recall of more than a million chocolate bars caught my eye this morning. Cadbury is handling the issue in a very traditional way on their website, aiming for total message control. Dear Cadbury: There’s no such thing anymore.
Kudos to Cadbury for prominently getting the announcement onto their home page immediately, and for explaining what happened. But they want total message control and NO feedback, which is, quite simply, an outdated way to handle the situation. There’s no email on the site, no name of a human anywhere in the contact info, and no effort to engage the customer in an interactive conversation.
There is a lot of fun stuff on the Cadbury site, which is in serious need of a social media marketing update. They actually ask you to register by filling out a form if you want to receive information about their products.
The form asks for your date of birth, how many children you have, and the (optional, whew!) dates of birth of everyone in your household. That’s too much work for me. I just want to eat the bon bons.